Jason Bautista
Sticky Universe

What is it? A realtime multi-user system that uses a digital representation of sticky notes as its primary information unit. Individuals can quickly share ideas with the group and move them around the screen freely.

One of the primary goals is removing bottlenecks from the brainstorming process. Another primary goal is to allow remote teams be able to collaborate and ideate together regardless of physical location.

Keeping everyone involved and not limiting people who might not be as outspoken or always in the same room is key to generating quality ideas. People won't feel like they missed out and there is no need to transcribe / lose information from messy quick handwriting.


The question of what kind of use cases would a mobile user need is presented through this storyboard. But perhaps another more common use case would be to review past meeting notes while on the go. Another potential use case include that of the classroom setting were most participants could reasonably be expected to have a smartphone.


A Framer.js prototype done to show the initial animation that a user might see when creating a new sticky. A key point of this design is to have the interface elements that are most common to be easily accessible at the bottom of the screen (reinforced by basic user testing).